Friday 2 August 2013

The Understudies - Erika K

The latest single from London-based guitar-band The Understudies may be just a few breaths over two minutes long, but 'Erika K' can be suitably labelled as "short and sweet". The track and its video have been floating around online for a few months now, along with promises of a debut album, but this week marked the song's official release and is a perfect excuse to listen once again.

Wonderfully catchy and fun, 'Erika K' bounces enjoyably with a tale of hormonally-charged adoration. The sounds of the dinging glockenspiel and emphatic trumpet keep the spirits high throughout whilst lead singer Brian Bryden's vocal delivery is spot on.


"Like family, we are tied to each other. This is what all good musicians understand." - Billy Joel

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