Monday 5 August 2013

Marking Marks - Barcodes

A few songs manage to pull me in immediately, when a wonderful intro promises something special. Sometimes, admittedly, I end up feeling that those first few bars were sadly all the track had to offer. Occasionally, I'm treated to a journey that is a constant pleasure throughout. The latest single from Norway's Making Marks (previously known as mylittlepony) definitely offers me the latter.

"Barcodes" begins with a gentle guitar riff that manages to flutter the heart within just a few notes, somehow calling up wistful emotions far easier - and quicker - that one might expect. The male/female vocals that follow are harmonised beautifully, singing of heartache and a return home, and always delivered with a smooth and modest tone.

With an album expected very soon, Making Marks have caught my attention in a gentle and fascinating way: "Barcodes" sounds like falling in love.


"Drums usually seem to tune themselves" - Levon Helm 

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