Friday 2 March 2012

So what's this?

I like music.

I mean, I really like music.

There's plenty of stuff in this world that I could do without, but I think I'd have a real issue with being music-less. I certainly don't claim to like all of it - in fact, chances are, I probably like a very, very tiny percentage of what's out there, and there's a plethora of stuff I really don't get a kick out of at all. Some songs I might even go so far as to say I hate. But, like everyone else I imagine, I love what I love.

I don't really have any intention of reviewing albums, or commenting on each new release, or making chart predictions. I'm more looking to write about particular aspects of music I love, or hate, or at least find interesting. There's every possibility I might rave about an individual artists or album, but I'm more likely to natter on about my relationship with a particular song, or perhaps I'll talk about a particular feature of music.

So, basically, what I guess I'm actually saying is: I'm gonna be selfish and write about what I want, regardless of whether there's something more topical that everyone else is going on about.

Sorry-ish :)

"music can change the world because it can change people" - Bono (U2)

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